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new features and more categories on

Published on 25.01.2014 23:08 is happy to anounce some new features, new categories and a little change in the API's behaivour.

New features, everyone!

A small but useful new filter for querying the API is "age=". The new filter allows it to receive only entries with the set maximum time since last report. Try as an example. age= undersands any number [0-9]+ and h for hour, d for day, w for week, m for month and y for year.

The second new feature we're happy about is the /get/info/ API call which allows you to check if an IP is listed on and if yes, receive some info about the IP along with a true/false flag for easy checking. Try it: or, if you like to check if this IP was active during the last month, combine with the new age= filter: .

Many of you have been asking for, now they are here: more categories!

With now 46 supported categories, we are positive to catch most of your use cases. The backend has been improved so you can report on a subcategory (e.g. postfix) and then receive all mail related IPs by querying for category mail. This will be explained a littlebit better soon. To check all available categories, see here: . We know formatting is a pain right now, but a nice overwiev of categories is planned as well.

API is now more standard oriented!

The API has changed it's behaivour a little bit. An API call which results in an error, JSON representation then is: {"err":"err description"}, leads to HTTP status code 400. The JSON is still in the payload and can be displayed for better debugging, with wget you may want to use the -d option to see the body - curl prints it anyway.

Bug fixes and speed ups!

Along with all this stuff, we have also fixed quite some bugs and made the API faster, sometimes up to 500%!


Last but not least we wanted to thank you for reporting bad IPs to our service and for your thoughts and suggestions we receive via our forum or email! We're looking forward to hear even more from you!